A Proven Model Where Businesspreneurs
'OWN' a business system to maximize profits!

The Layered 4-D Businesspreneur'Ownership Circa' Model, is a communal between the R.E.A.L.M.S. Mastermind, Mentoring & Coaching and BizTechIQ Business Development Architecture Programs powered by Webtellignece, has been years in the making to help catapult individuals to higher levels of success. The coveted program evolves the business owner from their Inner Blueprint Brilliance to manifesting a framed business of excellence with built-in technology solutions.Learn More

Digital Business Model Innovation
Component of the OWNership Circa Model


6-Week Classes taught by Shelon Douglas Learn More


The businesspreneur Ownership Circa Model was created by the businesspreneur of Influence, Shelon Douglas! She has over 20 years of experience as a business entrepreneur and is known for being a dynamic business architect, technology expert, bussiness strategist & coach, professional & motivational speaker and author.Learn More The Businesspreneur Ownership Circa creates a movement about the �Power of Ownership�!
  • BizArchitecture Signature Program
  • Digital Tools and Materials
  • Business Boot Camp & Webinars
  • Live Trainings & Workshops


B12Elements program is your 21st Century�s opportunity to receive state-of-the-art business coaching for an ENTIRE YEAR of learning how to apply the necessary 12 keys to designing a surefire business model systems design platform into a global infrastructure thus turning opportunities into profits! Receive high-end tools, solid plans, worksheets, downloadable videos of online and offline strategies, and much more handed to you in easy-to-implement lessons.

Tools & Materials

The BizArchitecture Tools and Materials is modeled with 12 Essential Elements that are used to design a blueprint system fueled by techonology specific to you and to your small business. The tools & materials are a suite of interrelated handouts, spreadsheets, worksheets, assessments, and business resources that are critical components of The BizArchitecture Businesspreneurship Program. When used in conjunction with the curriculum modules, you will know immediately how to make the necessary business model adjustments that will grow business, optimize your business processes, and improve your architect blueprint strategy. You'll know exactly how to identify what�s going on in your business, understand why it's happening, and make immediate adjustments in multiple ways to handle almost every business situation.

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Building Legacy Ownerships Event
One Businesspreneur At A Time!

  • BizArchitecture Signature Program
  • Digital Tools and Materials
  • Business Boot Camp & Webinars
  • Live Trainings & Workshops
  • Professional & Business Services
  • Live Trainings & Workshops
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