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  • Ownership Circa IQ4
    • Ownership of Yourself - Clarity of your Personal Purpose. Determining your WHY?
    • Ownership of Your Business - Why Aren't More Business Owners in the 1% Percentile Range of Being Business Wealthpreneurs?
    • Ownership of Your Finances - There's No Such Thing AsSaving Money In The 21st Century.
    • Ownership of Your Real Estate - How to Take Real Estate And Turn It Into A Business System Model.
  • The Businesspreneur Architect - What Type of Entrepreneur [Model] Are You & Is It Working?
  • R.E.A.L.M.S. of [Entrepreneur, C-Suite, HR, MGR, Sales] Leadership
    • Entrepreneur & CEO Leadership -True Leadership Is A Lonely Journey
  • Inner Blueprint Brilliance-How To Become The Cognizant Mastermind Designer To Manifest Your Blueprint Masterpiece!

Female Business Owners

  • Heel of Entrepreneurship & Technology - Why More Women are Pioneering In Both The Entrepreneurial & Technology Fields.
  • The Make-Up of The Female Vs. Male Ego in Business & Corporate America - Are You Really Doing Business With The Ego or The Character Of An Individual?
  • The 3 Key C's: Charisma, Class, & Charm–How To Use Persuasive Communication With Tact & Professionalism.


  • R.E.A.L.M.S. of Leadership (Student Leaders)- Leader Vs. Leadership
  • The Collegepreneur Architect 101 TM (Business Students)-Understanding The Levels of Entrepreneurship:
    • Solopreneur - Owning A Job
    • Entrepreneur - Owning A Job and Having Employees
    • Businesspreneur - Owning A Business System and Having Employees Run The System

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