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Headquartered in Greater Los Angeles, CA, Shelon Douglas Unlimited is a platform that promotes a performance-based culture from the top down and from the inside out for individuals who seek guidance in life enrichment, professional development, business optimization, executive coaching and technology solutions for organizations worldwide!

Shelon herself, The Businesspreneur of Influence, is best described as the epitome of a renaissance woman. As one of the technology industries leading ladies, she is the perfect blend of a businesswoman, innovator, visionary and problem solver. Shelon is also one of the most sought after business coaches and technology consultants, having pioneered online and offline programs in both industries.

Shelon Douglas has a long history of achievement. Her track record is impeccable beginning when she served as CEO, President and branch manager at Capitol Estates International. While there, she created profitability in every aspect of running a real estate and financial network with lucid, comprehensive, and administrative judgment to innovative projects. Shelon further went on to serve as a District Executive with ACE Capitol Group, a Land Banking Investment solutions company to help you grow your wealth and retire. She soon became known in both the real estate and financial industry as a force to be reckoned with, having grown small and middle-sized business to large business and increased profit margins significantly during her tenure with various organizations and companies.

Even though Shelon's successes placed her on the fast track to higher administrative rewards, she yearned to return to the forefront (see interview on Soul Kisses TV) where she could directly impact kids and young adults. She developed and produced a standards-based lesson guide called C.H.A.N.G.E.America-eMBA(featured in Lovick Career Journal Magazine), which places entrepreneurship on the front line for but not limited to middle-schoolers. Shelon encourages youth to use financial lesson plans and curriculum mapping for investment guidance. In addition to her CHANGEAmerica Program, she further created an offline business coaching and extended online virtual platform giving high-schoolers, college students and adults an immersion social network and interactive experience through her BizTech IQprograms. These blueprint coaching designs proved to be a stellar success as she took practices and principles learned from past experience in the mortgage and banking fields. Her versatility further proved to be a unique and coveted asset as she brought together several industries to develop and execute entrepreneurial,finacial & technology literacy programs for all people [young and older]. Shelon is one of the leading experts on the art of maximizing human potential. Hire Shelon for the following

  • Keynotes
  • Media Commentary
  • Live Event Hosting
  • Campaign Spokesperson
  • Life Enrichment& Performance Coaching
  • Women's Events
  • Branded Empowerment Events
  • Conferences & Custom Seminars
  • Brand Activation & Marketing Campaigns
  • Bootcamps on Entrepreneurship, Branding, Innovation
  • College Tours

Shelon Douglas specializes in Businesspreneur Ownership strategy. In addition to delivering DYNAMIC speaking and executive development programs, we are EXPERTS in connecting consumers with brands and technology through motivational, interactive, and empowerment events.

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Change Lives, Change Minds, CHANGE America-eMBA does just that for Youth & Teenpreneurs. Get them empowered!

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